Unique bathroom border tiles!

When it comes to decorate a room, you may find there are many product choices available on the tile listello market...However being, normally, installed in between main wall tiles (or floors) it's very important to choose a robust, high quality dado / border, ultimately guaranteed to last preferably for a long period of time. They can use dramatic colours and are of great importance being able to capture or reflect light, also can change ambient's therefore changing the look and feel of rooms. Whether in an urban bathroom or a chic contemporary kitchen, they focus the eye on the space around you.


On the existing tile market you can choose from a wide variety of tiling profiles in infinite colours and materials, providing a great choice in every occasion;their properties are variant from those whom matches natural stone or ceramic tile borders with extra advantages, like:

Your own look and brand

Billed as mood items for modern living, can provide both a design feature - plus a valuable add-on to main wall tiles or floors.
Available exclusively from international specialist listello manufacturers or they are produced to complement tile ranges, these can be not very deep or very large; can be set into walls or floors in many formats, thickness or sizes.

What these bathroom dado tiles gives you?


..it gives you the chance to create dream bathroom designs, this is limited only by your imagination. A large selection of floor or wall tiles are available in loads of different sizes and also in various shades and colours - black and white, etc ready to be combined with an original style effect...


Unlimited decorative designs...

You are invited to take a look at our bathroom border tiles gallery to view a small selection of these tiling enhancer's together with the colours range, sizes and other important information.
For a truly bespoke shower room, bathroom or kitchen there is un extensive range of colours to choose from, choices for creating individual and stylish designs. Whatever the location or type, whether you are looking for contemporary location or more traditional sets you will always find the right border tile within the large varieties from the worldwide manufacturers.

Adding a touch of glamour to these stylish unusual bathroom dado tiles borders, provides a subtle gleam of difference, whether used alone or in conjunction with alternative textures and wall or floor materials.

Bathroom border tiles