Impressive border tiles

..for creation of modern glass tile borders in style! ...many of the large listellos / pencil manufactures are using latest technologies whom incorporates inkjet machines used in digital decoration and they invest loads of time in the meticulous research in order to maximise the availability of choices for their customers. The end result is outstanding coloured decorative pieces which can be used with any wall tiles or even in some cases like natural stone products can be used with floors. These special glass listellos are produced to complement the longstanding product range of a ceramic tiles in this industry....

These producers offers glass border collections that they are not only reflect current trends in the tile industry but also are proposing new, unique styles to complement the ever so high choice of ceramic wall tiles made by prestigious ceramic tile manufacturers.

Your own look and brand

The evolution of tilling decoration.

Example of where they can be used:

...capable to create more architectural designs .


It has a number of special features like aesthetic uniqueness this is achieved by research and innovation by the glass pencil producers, some other characteristics is the multipurpose usability i.e. they can be added to almost any ceramic tiles in most cases regardless of their size.

Requires a minimal maintenance.

Care should be taken when you grout them the reason is that the most grouts and adhesives are cement based and they've got particles of cement which can scratch the surface; also an import aspect is the leave the adhesive to dry before you grout otherwise there is a chance that the moisture will be trap behind the painted back and can deteriorate the paint.

Glass tile border gallery

Glass border tiles are perfect to use on kitchen walls and floors which gives you the style anyone needs in their kitchen; the cenefas and listellos pencils will shine in many locations of your house