Kitchen tile border

Unique kitchen border tiles dados!

These kitchen dados uses dramatic colours to capture, reflect light, and change ambient's therefore changing the look and feel of rooms. These rooms will appear more spacious and completely original look. Whether in an urban bathroom or chic contemporary kitchen, they focus the eye on the space around you.


The ceramic kitchen tile borders also known as listellos or dado can match the properties of natural stone ones but with extra advantages, like:

Your own look and brand

aesthetic colour consistency, stain resistance due to the extremely low porosity, resistance to chemicals also very resistant to high temperatures, suitable for any room due to unique and luxurious look.

Extremely versatile for any surrounding space!


Gives you the opportunity to create outstanding designs, this is limited only by your imagination. They will enhance kitchens and other locations of any home beautifully, it will give a new sense of importance and significance to the room you use on a daily basis...


Unlimited design choice of harmonious hues...

You are welcome to step into our kitchen tile gallery to browse a tiny but full of colours range, sizes etc...
The presence of kitchen tile borders will bring character, uniqueness and vitality into any room whatever the building material is used: natural stone, ceramic cenefas, glass listellos or even transfers. They can easily be used with any colour tile, uniform or non uniform, coloured on non coloured because these special dado / cenefas / listellos have a smooth uniform shades and subtle variations between tiles.

Kitchen tile borders

Adding a touch of glamour to these stylish tiles, provides a subtle gleam of difference, whether used alone or in conjunction with alternative textures and materials like wall tiles or floor tiles.